The simple complicated things.

8 Aug 2012

Asia dating

I know it’s been more than a month since I have been back from my trip to Philippines, Vietnam and Hong Kong but I felt like writing.  If you remember when I wrote about pushing boundaries and doing new things while on my trip, I would say that I was very successful. 

Like I had mentioned, my sister didn’t come on this trip this time so I really had to entertain myself and find things to do.  And how did I do this? I had to make friends of course. 

Thee best way I knew how was Grindr and Jack’d.  Mostly cause I could screen them and figure if it was safe for me to meet another guy/s in another country.  Though language barrier was a fun task to conquer as well.  (who knew my vietnamese typing skills were so on point).  

I also really wanted to know gay culture in these countries/cities that I visited since I have been to all three of them before.  From most favorite to least: VN, HK, PI

Majority of the guys I met, were mostly over coffee. About 10 ish+ guys I met.  It really just became a hobby and not a matter of boning a guy in another country.  Listening to their life story in Asia, the struggles they had living there, just getting to know them and gay life.  Some dates went even further than coffee; clubbing, bars, tours around town, shopping, food adventures and ;).  I had a lot of fun getting the gay locals perspectives.  I even met a group gays and drank and partied with them which made me miss my friends in SF greatly.  I saw the skylines of different cities, a boy took me to his favorite temple, some took me around town, talked about film, culture, jobs, gay rights etc etc; I even met a guy with a bf he has been dating for a long while, his views on marriage, gay relationship vs straight ones, and more.  I truly felt I touched on every aspect of everyday life with these guys.

I however did worry when meeting these guys, that I would actually meet someone I liked.  Though I would never do a long distance relationship, especially across the ocean, just the thought of finding someone amazing was always looming.  I did meet some really amazing people, had some really good talks, and just made me wonder why I couldn’t find these interesting people in the Bay Area.  

Though I am very grateful and fortunate to meet all these interesting people, I’m a little over these coffee dates/hooking up. I just went on so many and met so many guys that it made me feel like I am ready for a substantial boyfriend.  


And that is where I am now.  In hopes of a new BF and a new job. 

21 Jun 2012

Day 3-4

As traveling to most of your countries of origin, there are family, family friends, etc etc. In these days, we did a few visits to an assortment of people around Manila. 

This will probably be dry and boring. It’s mostly about my family/some background of them/ things I felt. 

One person who is practically my aunt over here, was once a baby sitter/maid for my youngest uncle/family. She grew up with my family, shared secrets, knows the ins and outs of my dad and his siblings growing up, and we still keep in contact with her. She practically still fills the role as maid when we visit. She is super sweet. Her own family now feels like an extension. When we visited her house, I met her husband and one of her daughters for my first time. I felt bad for only meeting them for my first time though it’s my third time here.  And I know it’s the lifestyle here, it made me sad to see them in the poverish household. Granted, it’s nice to see they are doing well with great smiles when we visit. 

We visited my family’s old neighbor. Unlike in US, people are usually know every household along the block. This one neighbor was the closes to our family. From stories of my family, I’ve always heard her name and I apparently met her when I was younger but dont really remember. She was appointed god mother of my uncle and she still lives in the same house that was once neighbors of my family. My Lola gave her and her family a box of goodies: clothing, vitamins, food, and money; seeing how happy they are almost made me tear. 

Though I didn’t tear, I felt my heart feel truly bittersweet. All these second hand clothing and these little things made them happy. Which made me happy. But to see the dwellings and environment of which they live made me sad. It also made me feel ungrateful/grateful to be living where i do. And complain about the things I complain, just seemed so little. 

We also visited another family member who is straddling the idea of staying in America or the Philippines. My grandma gave them a good talking to and made her sister in law tear up. Which was also heart breaking. I’m not sure why, cause the tears she cried was of a bittersweet realization. That the American dream of living in the states wasn’t all that is cracked up to be and that living in her hometown in Project 2 is where it is supposed to be. She had to let go of the idea of the American dream that her and her husband has fought so hard for; to only live in America to have a hard time getting their feet on the ground and living the good life. 

Anyways, visiting my family in the PI was really nice and made me appreciate life. Where it has taken me. Etc etc. I know people always say that and then a week later complain about the little things again. At least I accept and aknowledge my feelings and thoughts and have this for record. 

19 Jun 2012

Day 2/3

Don’t get me wrong. I love shopping. But over here, there is too much shopping. Malls that span as wide as 2-5 San Francisco blocks. Maybe one Las Vegas block. There are such an abundant amount of malls in the phillipines and more yet to come. Yet there is so much poverty all around. 

It also doesn’t help that height averages 5’5. So all this shopping does nothing for me since I”m 6’1.  Most clothes don’t fit me. Which I thought shoes will be my savior, but unfortunately, they rarely go to size 11. And half sizes usually arent in stock. -_- 

Speaking of average height. Because I’m so freakishly tall. Everyone stares at me. Maybe it’s because the way I dress. Or a combination of both. I mean. I’m not the only tall Asian tourist that ever rolled up into the Philippines. I ain’t Yao Ming. -_- 

I’m still jet lagged and haven’t adjusted to the time. I can’t help but to sleep at 9pm and wake up around 4-5 in the morning. Yet most things don’t open till 10. 

I really had hoped to venture and push boundaries. But a mall in a different city doesn’t give me much diversity.   2 days left for the whole. I can still change that. and I’m not so much of a site See-er. Meh

And that Asian stereotype of Asians dragging their feet holds very true here.  Also, I wonder if Asians are “bad drivers” here because the rules of the road are much more lax here. There could be 4 cars side by side on a 3 lane road. Or a cluster fuck triangle of cars all turning left on a busy road. 

Anyways.  That’s all for now. 

Ps. It’s so humid, you sweat while you poop. Sexy, I know. 

19 Jun 2012

Philippines - day 1

Day 1 - Philippines

I have arrived to 1/4 of my mother land. I haven’t been here since 2002. 10 years. I have grown a whole lot and practically a different person. Manila still feels the same though im unfamiliar with it all.

Oddly, the regular folks of the Philippines are not quite the greatest looking people in the world and I don’t mean by what they wear, just in general. HOWEVER, the cops in uniform are pretty cute. Some hot. Haha.

Today, went to a natural warm springs. Hidden Valley. It’s quite a nice place, different bodies f water to visit, secluded by trees, buffet style lunch or dinner. Though fun the first time, my third time, not so much.

Before leaving for my trip. This man in my life who has become this wise man figure for me, told me to ask plenty of questions. He was mostly pertaining to the business I had coming towards me but I have taken it upon myself to go above and beyond. And just ask about anything and everything, I hope not in the annoying way.

I’m treating it as a trip as part self discovery, part independent traveling, and 100% percent fun. Haha. Though I am traveling with my parents and my grandma, I wanna learn to explore and do things on my own. It’s also my first big traveling without my sister. =\

Im challenging myself with this 25 day travel blogging challenge to step out my comfort zone and possibly give you guys interesting stuff to read.

Sige na.